Nintendo is Hinting a Big Comeback

Nintendo used to be one of the most popular gaming franchises until Sony and Microsoft became prominent in the gaming industry.

Since then, Nintendo wasn’t able to keep up with the hardware prowess of its competitors. When the Playstation One was released, the Nintendo 64 couldn’t keep up with the influx of Playstation game exclusives and people flocked to the Sony game console instead of Nintendo’s offering.

But, it wasn’t the end of Nintendo at that time. They continually worked on newer games such as the Pokemon Game series, new Mario games and its various spin-offs, and new Legend of Zelda games as well.

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s rivals seem to have their number as they, too, have their own lineup of games to rival what Nintendo has to offer.

Just when all hope is lost, people were reinvigorated after some big news this year. Earlier this year, Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima, said that they will be releasing a new game console next year, codenamed “Nintendo NX”.

The Nintendo NX is purportedly more powerful than the Playstation 4. On top of that, the feelings of the fans intensify as Kimishima and the company hasn’t disclosed any technical information yet.

This only leaves people to speculate what the Nintendo NX really is. Is it a portable game console? Is it a big console that can rival its competitors’ offerings?

Only time will tell what the Nintendo NX really is. But, if the Nintendo NX is powerful, it has to have a compelling lineup of games as well.

Kimishima addressed that and said that they are going to release big name games along with the Nintendo NX’s release next year.

And they were right, the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is going to be released with the Nintendo NX come March of 2017.

In fact, they already revealed a demo of the game in the recently concluded E3 2016 event. The fans that were there were astounded by the graphics and gameplay of the upcoming game.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be the saving grace that Nintendo needs. You see, the past Legend of Zelda games were pretty much the same, with a few minor tweaks to give it a little bit of a refresh.

But, it was still the same formula: a silent protagonist coupled with a mission to stop evil with nearly the same game mechanics.

That is about to change as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first ever Zelda game to feature an open-world for people to explore. Furthermore, it is also the first Legend of Zelda game that will make use of technology as well.

What Nintendo did was take the winning formula and vastly improve it by trying new elements in the game.

With the release of the Nintendo NX and with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, leading the pack, I am pretty sure that Nintendo is hinting a big comeback.

As a big Nintendo fan, hopefully, the new Nintendo NX will deliver and that the new Legend of Zelda game will not disappoint.

New Exploit for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is not new to the hacking scene. In fact, when the R4 3DS cards have been released in the wild, a lot of people are already enjoying the benefits of the said gadget.

Before a Nintendo 3DS can perform new functions, the system needs to be hacked first. And, in order for you to do that, you need to do something extra.

This something extra may range from running an exploit to running a game that does the exploit for you.

Just recently, a hacker that goes by the name of “Plutoo” just released a new hack for the Nintendo 3DS. He calls this one the “SmileHax” and in it makes use of the game called SmileBASIC.

The Smilehax can be performed on the new Nintendo 3DS R4 3DS Italia firmware, so there really is no reason not to use this new hack.

For those of you who want to know, the Smilehax is a homebrew-enabling hack that allows you to run and install homebrew applications.

Lately, Nintendo has been smashing homebrew applications when you update your Nintendo3DS to the latest official firmware.

The Smilehax is a powerful hack that allows you to install your homebrew applications even if you’re running the latest firmware.

Now, if you want to try the Smilehax, here are the things that you need to do:

  1. First, download the homebrew starter kit from Plutoo’s github. This will have all the pertinent files that you need to install and use the Smilehax.
  2. After downloading the file, extract the contents of it and put it on your microSD card.
  3. Go back to Plutoo’s github page and indicate your current firmware version. Download the file that will automatically be clickable, extract, and put them on your microSD card as well.
  4. Next, run the SmileBasic game and then create a new game. Save the game in the first instance then go back to the main menu.
  5. Then, load the saved game and an error should occur (your screen will turn blue for a few seconds after which, it will turn green).
  6. After that, you will be prompted that the game has crashed.
  7. Run the game again and then, this time, a new option would appear. Run the SmileHAX and after that, you’re done!

After installing SmileHAX, you can now use your R4 3DS card to install homebrew applications on your Nintendo 3DS.

For me, this is probably the easiest exploit to do since it only requires a few steps and the game used is sure to crash given the instructions.

I also like the fact that this game is readily available and that it can be done even on the latest Nintendo official firmware.

After using the exploit, be sure to use your R4 3DS card to install homebrew applications and to also play some region-free games as well.

So, if you are on the latest Nintendo official firmware and you want to expand the horizons, then be sure to try this hack out!

4 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Mobile Phone Signal Booster for your Vehicle

In the United States, a lot of people already have vehicles as a means of transportation. On top of that, a lot of people use their vehicles for a variety of reasons; some use their vehicles to drive around town and some people use it for long road trips.
Back in my College years, my friends and I usually do long road trips to places that we’ve never been to before.
These trips usually last for 2-6 hours. During that time, we either talk about different things or admire the view. But, in today’s world, when people go on long road trips, they prefer to use their mobile phone to surf the internet, call their friends, or send text messages to their pals.
That is good and all but the main problem is that signals can get weakened, especially if you’re going too far away from your mobile phone service provider’s cell towers.
To stop that from ever happening, you need to get a mobile phone signal booster for your vehicle.
In today’s article, I will highlight 4 reasons why you need to get a mobile phone signal booster for your vehicle.
1. Assurance of Signals. Your mobile phone might be the latest and greatest but it still suffers from low mobile phone signal reception. If you are going to a place where the signals from your service provider’s cannot reach you, then getting a mobile phone signal booster can help. There is a mobile phone signal booster that you can install on your vehicle. By installing a mobile phone signal booster, you are assured that you get great signal coverage even if you’re going to a faraway place.
2. Plenty of Options. There are a lot of mobile phone signal boosters on the market today. There are cradle-type signal boosters that not only improves the signal reception of your phone but it also charges your phone as well. There are also non-cradle-type signal boosters that can help boost the signal and rebroadcast it so that other passengers in your vehicle can also take advantage of improved mobile phone signal reception.
3. Multiple Signal Support. 4G LTE is the new data standard. It offers unparalleled speeds so that you can enjoy faster download speeds and uninterrupted streaming services. Of course, when you buy a 4G LTE mobile phone signal booster, it can also support the previous standards, 2G and 3G signals as well. If you think that only signal boosters that can be installed at home can support this, then you’re wrong. There are now mobile phone signal boosters that can be installed in your vehicle that can support this new standard.
4. Inexpensive. Mobile phone signal boosters nowadays are very inexpensive and they can support almost all of the mobile phone service providers. In fact, you can get a 3G mobile phone signal booster under $100. So, why not take advantage of it, right?
Mobile phone signal boosters have become more and more affordable and it would be wise for you to get one. Install a mobile phone signal booster in your vehicle and enjoy great mobile phone signal reception wherever you go.